Flare Currencies

Allows you to create custom currencies for your game as well as open a shop for specific currencies

Flare Notifications

Allows you to have custom notifications for your game. There are tons of configuration options.

Flare Laws For Map

Set up a series of laws for your map. Players can even be rewarded for not breaking them.

Flare Game Over

When the game is over, it doesn't have to be over. You can se tup common events to play when the game is over.

Flare Region: Music on Region Touch

Ever wanted to play music when you touch a region? Well not you can!

Flare Region: Notification on Region Touch

Plays a notification when the player touches a region. This is great for large maps with multiple towns.

Flare Region: Remove Troop from Region

Some bosses live in specific regions, after encountering them you can turn them off so they dont appear.

Flare Region: Events

Sometimes when a player passes over a specific region, you want a specific event to play out. Now you can have that!

Yanfly Aftermath Flare Update

Is an essential update that is required by Flare Currencies and Flare Laws. This script goes after all scripts.

Flare Harvesting

Allows you to create harvesting window for when the player can harvest a node or item from an event.