Flare Harvesting Download

Below is the Readme file for the script. You can also get the script by clicking the download link which will inturn take you to github.

All credit must be given to me: Adam Balan.

Scripts may be used in comercial games

Flare Harvesting

Image of Currency Item Information

Notification of Harvest

Flare Harvesting allows you to harvest nodes and get items. This is very similar to many popular MMO's out there on the market.

So how do we set this up?

FlareHarvesting.harvest(1, 4, 10);

That's it. Thats all there is too it. But what does the above mean?

This saves across saved games, so for example:

FlareHarvesting.harvest(1, 4, 300);

Lets say bob harvests the item 150 times, saves the game and reloads it. Bob has 150 more times to harvest said item.

I also give access to:


This asks if we can harvest id 1, which in this case is FlareHarvesting.harvest(1, 4, 10);

This check can be used if we are turning off an event, maybe you want to hide the ore after its been harvested, you would set up an event like the one below:

scene setup


The following options can be configured for the plugin: